Mar 1-15, 2014

Weather has been windy and cloudy but the fishing stayed good. One of the highlights of the last peoriod was the camping we did during the last 3 days in a raft with 2 clients.

The first day we did the lower section of the Chimehuin, we landed 30 trout which weight ranged the 14-18 lbs. During the second day we landed 25 trout within 14 and 21 pounds. On the third day, we did the Collon Cura and we landed another 15 trout weighting between 14 and 16 lbs. The overall camping experience was fantastic and our guests left overwhelmed.

The following day we went to the Huechulafquen lake with a boat and a raft. The day was clouded and then it started to rain. We landed 8 trout between 18 and 21 lbs and a beautiful big Brown trout  of 24 pounds.


Tight Lines,


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